In this edition we bring you six timely features that delve into the evolving leasing landscape across Europe. Here's what you can expect:

  1. As the Hungarian leasing market charts a nuanced growth path in alignment with the economy, the future looks promising.
  2. Get to know the Hungarian Leasing Association (HLA), a significant player in the nation's financial landscape. Discover its history, mission, and strategic partnerships that have driven progress in the sector. 
  3. The trials of Metro Bank shed light on the complexities UK mid-tier banks face in a changing regulatory landscape and amidst the resurgence of interest rates. 
  4. Matt Adey from the British Business Bank discusses the impact of declining UK productivity on the asset finance sector. Discover how asset finance plays a crucial role in driving growth in the country. 
  5. We report on Raiffeisenbank's role in defying international sanctions and maintaining its presence in Russia. 
  6. A look at Greece's remarkable economic resurgence, marked by 4% growth in 2022. 

Best regards,

Alejandro Gonzalez, editor