editor's letter

Welcome to the fifth edition of Leasing Life’s digital briefing magazine. 

In this second edition of 2018, we cover some of the learning points from the RBS GRG report surrounding customer service and the fallout for SMEs, in a top five format.

In the age of digital transformation, profile in social is important. We take a look at social media, from the initial beginnings in the leasing industry three years ago that we researched in a feature, and compare to the amount of facebook audience that major retail banks have today. 

We have an exclusive report from the Finance and Leasing Association chairman Richard Jones concerning the economic risk factors at a time when banks are starting to focus on risk and underwriting.

We have an analysis of institutional investment into p2p funding, with particular focus on the range of developments into invoice financing

We look at debt financing for SMEs at a time when interest rates could rise – leasing could be the answer for many businesses against other rate-exposed lending.

And finally, we look at the problems diesel has had and what that could mean for fleets.

If you’re interested in reading about these topics with more of a deep insight, please be sure to look up our subscription magazine, available through our site.

I hope you enjoy reading it.