What We Offer

We are a trusted portfolio and risk management servicing partner for UK business and consumer finance providers. Operating since 1999, the depth of our skills and experience is demonstrated in our comprehensive service offering.

We have facilitated over 500,000 contracts and currently collect around £20m each month, with close to £500mn receivables under management.

Based in North Wales, we provide key services to leading banks and financial institutions across the UK, including Close Brothers, British Business Bank and RBS Group.

Our UK ABS3+ status, confirmed by global rating agency Fitch, recognises our extensive capabilities and is just one of the reasons why industry leaders choose us as their trusted partner.

VLS offer a full end to end service proposition, which can be white labelled. We will audit, on-board and manage an existing or new lending portfolio that you are planning to build or acquire.

We pride ourselves in our delivery of exceptional customer service, aligning our brand values to your business proposition.

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Primary Servicing

New and established lenders will have various reasons for asking us to manage their lease or loan portfolio.

We will service your portfolio using the established LeaseSoft and LoanSoft systems. These systems can be configured to your business rules and, where applicable, integrated with front end origination partners, delivering straight through processing.

We are equipped to manage most types of instalment credit products, including regulated and commercial loans, lease and hire purchase.

Funding Management for Banks & Independent Finance Providers

Loan and asset financing for UK SME’s is delivered by banks and a range of privately owned independent lenders. Many of the independent lenders use block discounting and other wholesale funding structures from banks to help re-invest receivables from end-user finance agreements.

We manage block discounting and wholesale funding for a number of UK Banks. As your processing partner, we will verify the underlying customer agreements that are submitted as collateral for a funding advance. Portfolio management, pre-inception checks, billing, collection and reporting can all be integrated within our comprehensive service.

Audit & Risk Management

Wholesale and block discounting funders are reliant on the performance of an underlying portfolio to safeguard their security interests.

Under the terms of a wholesale or block discounting agreement, any shortfall against the agreed security cover must be rebalanced. Typically, this involves the pledging of replacement agreements to the value of any shortfall. Such deficiencies are generally the result of end-customer delinquency or early termination of a lease or loan.

30 point measurement of key elements determining portfolio performance and security, targeting:

  • New business origination – sources and process
  • Delinquency characteristics – concentration, reason and frequency
  • Early termination – reasons and trends
  • Risk concentrations – asset, product, location
  • Management update – notable changes of people and structure
  • Systems and Process overview – billing and collection tools employed

Standby Servicing

Funding for acquisitions and new business origination

The UK SME and Consumer lending space is benefitting right now from new wholesale funding from a range of private equity investors and banks, all seeking a stake in this highly prized slice of the lending market.

The benefits of receiving low cost, big investment lines from new funders, however, don’t come without new challenges.

An investor that’s offering new wholesale limits or committing to an acquisition will do so only with the confidence that the underlying business has a portfolio that’s a) legitimately originated and compliant; and b) can be managed efficiently in-life, with automated and secure billing & collection, satisfactory MI and housed on a scalable operating platform.

The providers of equity and debt to asset and consumer finance lending organisations are concerned about what happens in the case of a major failure that might lead to them taking control of the portfolio underpinning their investment.