Leasing reimagined by LeaseTech

Innovative LeaseTech Solutions Shaping The Business of Tomorrow.



Leasing is no longer reserved for cars only. In the modern word, a number of entrepreneurs is rapidly growing, increasing the need for different financing forms. The scope of products ready to be purchased with leasing is also wider than ever before. Therefore, leasing has to become more and more accessible – and LeaseTech technologies are here to guarantee that.

What is LeaseTech?

Online shopping, closing branches and – in case of online transactions – endless scans are just a few problems the leasing industry has to face. In the era of digital channels, leasing has to address them all in a simple and intuitive manner.

LeaseTech is a response to a dynamically changing financial market with all its challenges. It is a mixture of traditional sales channels with e-commerce approach that allows companies to connect with their customers in a seamless and safe digital environment.

Thanks to the diversity of the solution, it can provide a customer with a number of features improving his experience. Those include:

  • Managing contracts and its details in a form of digital documents
  • Remote sales of leasing services combined with support services
  • Diverse communication channels (chat, video and voice call)
  • Financing a purchase with leasing in online channels and e-commerce

One solution, many opportunities for growth

The flexibility is the key to survival – and that also applies to the leasing industry. To help leasing companies achieve it, we have prepared a number of modules that can be implemented separately or together, depending on the needs of a particular business.

Our solutions include:

  • Customer Platform – a solution enabling customers to manage their contracts in a digital form.
  • Front Office – a sales platform for dealers and their employees, available in all the channels.
  • Virtual Branch – a tool for comprehensive customer service with a built-in eKYC process.
  • Lease-Commerce – a module allowing for leasing finances in e-commerce channels.
  • Prospect Portal – a place for prospective customers looking for leasing offers.

How does LeaseTech solutions work?

LeaseTech solutions are delivered in a Cloud or as a SaaS software product. This means that they can be quickly implemented and integrated with other systems in a given company without affecting their other features. They were also developed using Agile methodology, ensuring maximum flexibility and ability to respond to the unexpected events. What is more, all the leasing tools we provide have an intuitive interface that allows your customer to thoroughly enjoy all the processes they may want to complete.

Choosing, one, two or all of those modules is a simple and efficient way to improve customer service, increase sales and power up any leasing business in financial industry.​​​​​​​