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The Innovation in Implementation series

Bringing an agile approach to systems transformation

Agile working is about eliminating the barriers to getting work done efficiently, with the greatest flexibility and fewest constraints.

Agile has been around for a long time but, when applied in practice to an enterprise systems implementation project, is easy to get wrong.

In the Innovation in Implementation series, various individuals from Alfa draw on their talent and experience to discuss how you can work in an agile fashion to deliver quick and often. They present the main challenges to consider when operating within a complex systems landscape, with many interdependent factors that aren’t easy to separate into manageable chunks.

We cover key concepts such as phased implementations and integration, accelerated implementations, and the onboarding of new portfolios; as well as how to iterate and keep delivering value through effective hosting and partnering strategies.

You’ll read about how Alfa forms a single team with our clients, with all the knowledge, skills and focus to deliver a pragmatic and effective agile implementation.

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Article #1: Derisking Your Systems Replacement Project through Phased Implementation

  • Phased system replacement implementations present an exciting opportunity for companies to move away from the traditional models that bring a high level of risk, complexity and cost.
  • Working in a phased manner is difficult to perfect – especially for early phases – and project teams must adapt to continuous delivery whilst retaining a strong focus on the overall vision.
  • Overcoming the challenges and implementing a phased approach not only allows companies to add value sooner, but also empowers them to make more informed and pragmatic decisions for subsequent phases, creating a stronger – and more balanced – overall solution.
  • Agile projects usually require a clearer vision of scope that often drives pragmatism in decision-making throughout the project. This enables delivery to occur in an incremental fashion.

Better Technology

  • Big-bang projects. ‘Big-bang’ projects are a daunting endeavour. Not only are organisations obliged to contend with high and often overrunning costs, but they must also manage customer satisfaction and operational change for a large portion of their business.
  • Making the choice. A promise to be strict on scope, shielding the project from executive pressures, is key, and a high level of trust is required in both the project and the end product.
  • Vendor and system selection. Having a system that can meet your phased aspirations is hugely important. Configurability is the cornerstone of this choice, as it provides organisations with the ability to improve upon or enhance existing configuration to reflect new phases.

Ultimately, selecting a vendor with strong integration experience and a system with robust API capabilities provides the best opportunity to succeed.

Download the first paper

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